Website promotion with the Progressive-is a guarantee of your website traffic.

Thanks to the internal and external SEO optimization we guarantee customers for you.


  • Display of your site in top 10 of Google search results in 4-6 months
  • Cost of SEO optimization is from 7000 UAH
  • Most of the words get immediately to TOP5-TOP3
  • Monitoring of site position in our administration system (for each client a separate account is created
  • Detailed reports on the reference weight increasing for month (or upon request)
  • Accommodation of only eternal external links for direct agreements with webmasters. We in principle don’t work with the exchanges of links
  • Financial guarantees under the contract – refund in the case of default

Website promotion in search engines

SEO optimization from Progressive is:

  • Selection of the most frequent requests in your direction
  • Evaluation of the cost of each request
  • Work under the contract with the financial guarantees
  • All kinds of payment: cash, cashless (with or without VAT)
  • Unique texts writing on the promoted page
  • SEO audit and TOR creation for internal website optimization
  • TOR implementation on your website by our programmers
  • Purchasing of high-quality reference weight from different sites around the world


Promotion from the market leader which occupies TOP1 at the most competitive requests such as “Website promotion”
We guaranteed to take the high-frequency requests
Clients who are working with us more than a year confidently take TOP3 on promoted requests
We are the only company in the market which guarantees the result financially
The experience of website promotion around the world: USA, Canada, Europe and even Japan


What experience do you have?

Since the 2008 we declared ourselves as the separate company which specializes in SEO promotion and website development. Last 3 years we confidently occupy TOP3 in the Google search for the most competitive requests. We promote our customers in the same way as our website. Companies which work with us more than 1 year have the same results.

What is the difference between the contextual advertising and SEO – promotion?

Contextual advertising gives quick results but its cost is much more expensive then SEO. With contextual advertising more than 90% of the money goes to the Google Foundation and after its stopping sales would go down. When you use SEO promotion you invest money in your website, not in the search engine. SEO promotion provides gradual results but they hold even after the cessation of work.

How effective is advertising on Facebook?

Advertising on Facebook is in principle very similar to the contextual advertising in search engines, except that it operates within the social network. Besides this you can carefully select the necessary audience for us into different groups and show them not only text ads but also colorful banners. Thanks to precise settings it is possible to reduce the cost of one transition up to 2-3 times cheaper than in contextual advertising. It helps reduce the cost of one conversion on your website by several times.

How quickly will I receive the first TOPs?

SEO – promotion is a graduate process, the first changes in the positions will be in a month. TOPs achieving depends on competition for your subject and can vary from 3 months to 1 year. Acceleration of this process is dangerous because you can obtain sanctions from the search engines.

What guarantees do I get when signing the contract?

We provide you full financial guarantees. There is a cost of one promoted word and there are promotion terms which are specified in the contract. If by the deadline we have not deduced the key phrase in the top we do a refund for the entire pay period.

Will you be able to provide support services to the website?

Of course we will be able. We are professionals in not only promotion but also in websites creation. Our programmers will solve any task on your website.


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